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Proactive selling: control the process, win the sale
Author : Miller, William, 1955- , author
Call Number : e20440747
Publisher : American Management Association;
Mastering import & export management
Author : Cook, Thomas A., author
Call Number : e20440746
Publisher : American Management Association
Internet riches: the simple money-making secrets of online millionaires
Author : Fox, Scott C., author
Call Number : e20440728
Publisher : [American Management Association, ]
Manager’s pocket calculator: a quick guide to essential business formulas and ratios
Author : Thomsett, Michael C., author
Call Number : e20440727
Publisher : [American Management Association, ]
The laws of charisma: how to captivate, inspire, and influence for maximum success
Author : Mortensen, Kurt W., author
Call Number : e20440723
Publisher : [American Management Association, ]
The lean machine: how Harley-Davidson drove top-line growth and profitability with revolutionary lean product development
Author : Oosterwal, Dantar P., author
Call Number : e20440721
Publisher : [American Management Association, ]
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