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The Crystal of Knowledge
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Plain style: techniques for simple, concise, emphatic business writing
Author : Lauchman, Richard, author
Call Number : e20440791
Publisher : American Management Association;;
How to develop an employee handbook
Author : Lawson II, Joseph W.R., author
Call Number : e20440790
Publisher : American Management Association;;
Results without authority: controlling a project when the team doesn't report to you
Author : Kendrick, Tom, author
Call Number : e20440788
Publisher : American Management Association;;
The cost management toolbox: a manager's guide to controlling costs and boosting profits
Author : Oliver, Lianabel, author
Call Number : e20440787
Publisher : American Management Association;
Picture books plus: 100 extension activities in art, drama, music, math, and science
Author : Nespeca, Sue McCleaf, author
Call Number : e20436226
Publisher : [American Library association, ]
Generations, inc.: form boomersto linksters--managing the friction between generations at work
Author : Johnson, Megan, 1970- , author
Call Number : e20440755
Publisher : American Management Association
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