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Title Surface modification technologies XIV: proceedings of the fourteenth International Conference on Surface Modification Technologies held in Paris, France, September 11-13, 2000
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Contents : - Foreword - Surface Modifications in Aerospace Applications - In Situ Formation of Titanium Carbide by Reactive Plasma Spraying with Elemental Titanium Powder - A Comparative Study of Mechanical Properties and Residual Stress Distributions of Copper Coatings Obtained by Different Thermal Spray Processes - Damage Progression in Thermal Barrier Coatings During Four-Point Bend Tests with Acoustic Emission Monitor - A Study of the Strength of Spray Coated Layer by Cross Sectional Electron Microscopy - A Comparative Study of Different Plasma Sprayed Coatings Applied to Railway Disc Brakes - Optimization and Monitoring of the Production of Thermal Barrier Coatings - Benefits of Surface Preparation by Laser for Thermal Sprayed Coatings - Fabrication of Ti02 Photocatalytic Coating by Thermal Spray Process - Indentation Fracture Toughness and Interfacial Indentation Tests Associated with Acoustic Emission on WC-Co Coated Specimens - Fatigue Processes in Bodies with Surface Coatings - Laboratory Evaluation of Hot Erosion Resistance of Six Thermal Sprayed Coatings - Vacuum Plasma Sprayed WC-12% Co Coatings: Optimization of Spraying Parameters and Subsequent Laser Treatment - Optical Properties of Al Film Deposited on Polymer - Slurry and Thermal Spray Coatings for Protection of New Generation Steam Engine Components - Surface State Modifications in Powder Products Induced by a Spray-Coating Technique - Relationship Between Dilution and Solidification Cracking in PTAW Ni-Base Superalloy Overlays - A Novel Friction Thermomechanical Process for Surface Modification of Aluminum Castings - Characterization and Modelling of Multilayer Ti-Based Coating - Electrolytic Deposits on Stainless Steel as High Temperature Coatings - Investigation of Ceramic Sol-Gel Thin Films for Wet Corrosion Protection of Mild Steel - Need for Environmentally Friendly Surface Modification Technology in the Japanese Automotive Industry - Development of Bioceramic Composites: Processing Solutions and In-Vitro Evaluations - Wear of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Sliding Against a CoCrMo Coating Applied by Physical Vapor Deposition - Physico-Chemical and Mechanical Approaches to the Dentin-Resin Adhesive Interface - Surface Quality of Master Screw Dental Implant - Suspension Plasma Sprayed Hydroxyapatite Nano-Powder for Biomedical Application - Ceramographic Analysis of Ceramo-Metal Bonding Interfaces - A Nanoindentation Study of PVD WC/C Coatings Supported by Cross-Sectional Electron Microscopy Observations - Effect of a Ni Interlayer on the Corrosion Behavior of CrN PVD Coating Deposited onto Plastic Mold Steels - Structure of Diamond-Like Carbon Films Obtained by PECVD: XPS, X-Rays Reflectometry and Hardness Measurements - Application of Surface Modified Silica Thin Films to Biosensors - Surface Treatments and Coatings in the Steel-Making Industry: From Metallurgy to Processing - Changes in Structure and Properties of AIN Thin Films Due to Surface Oxidation - Carbo-Nitride Thin Films and Nanofibers Synthesized by HF-CVD - Effect of Various Plasma Nitriding Procedures on Surface Characteristics of P/M Ledeburitic Tool Steels - Characterization of PVD Ni Coatings Deposited at Various Conditions - Challenges and Opportunities in Surface Engineering - Correlations Between Surface Modification and Tribological Performance of Brake Pads - Development of Novel Fe-Cr-C/NbC Composite Materials for Wear Resistant Coatings Using a Laser Rapid-Alloy-Prototyping Technique - Dose Rate Influence on the Microstructure of Chromium Steels Subjected to Low- Energy Nitrogen Ion Implantation - Effect of Coatings on Mechanical Properties and Fretting Fatigue Strength of a Titanium Alloy in Cryotechnical Environment - Wear Behavior of Colored Stainless Steel - Wear Analysis of Coated Carbide Tools when Machining Nickel Base, Inconel - Alloy - Wear Modelling of Contact Plan/Plan Between Graphite and Titanium Alloy - Wear Criterion for Cold Forging Tool - Surface Modification of a FeCrAlY-Alloy by Ion Implantation and Oxidation for Potential Implant Applications - Functionally Graded Materials Produced by Laser Cladding: A Novel Approach - Improvement of Adhesive Properties of Polymers After Excimer Laser Irradiation - Properties and Applications of Coatings Deposited by Laser Beam - WC-Co Plasma Sprayed Coatings Partially Re-fused with Laser - Modeling of Temperature Fields in Graphite Target at Pulsed Laser Deposition of CNx Films - Laser Treatment of BN Pre-Coated Steels: Correlation of Hardness and Microstructure - Surface Alloying of Ceramic Powders on F
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