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Title Heat treating: proceedings of the 18th conference, including the Liu Dai memorial symposium, 12-15 October 1998
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Responsibility Statement editors, Harry W. Walton, Ronald A. Wallis
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Contents :
- Distortion in Case Carburized Components The Steel Makers View
- A Review of Steel Related Factors Controlling Distortionin Heat Treatable Steels
- The Modeling of Heat Treating Process
- Designing Pusher Furnaces to Meet Customer Needs
- Using Acetylene For Superior Performance Vacuum Carburizing
- Quenching Considerations for Aluminum Products
- Vertical Solution Heat Treating
- Extending the Life of Atmosphere Furnace Internals
- Hot Zone Care and Maintenance
- Thermocouples: In-Wall, Wall Surface and In-Stream
- Temperature Imaging Measurements With a Two Wavelength Imaging Pyrometer
- Computer Simulation of Induction Hardening Process Using Coupled Finite
Element and Boundary Element Methods
- A New Atmosphere Generator for Heat Treating Applications Based on
Membrane Nitrogen and Hydrocarbons
- Trouble-Shooting Guide for Furnace Atmospheres Used in Annealing of Electrical
- Tutorial: Heat Treatment of Wrought Aluminum Alloys: Principles and Practice
- Quenching of Heavy Gauge Loads
- Faster Methods of Studying Quenching Aluminum Through Jominy End Quench
- Heat Transfer and Distortion in 7010 Forgings
- Quenching Aluminum Components in Waten Problems and Alternatives
- Development and Validation of a Modeling Technique for the Accurate Prediction
of Heat-Up Times
- Quenchant Selection
- Recent Advances in Quenching Applications of Salt Bath
- Quench Oil Analysis-Interpretation of Results
- Numerical Simulation of All Cources During Laser Heat Treatment of Steel
- The Response of Tool Steels to Deep Cryogenic Treatment Effect of Alloying
- Efficient Usage of Cryogenic Liquids
- Deep Cryogenic Treatment of an ASP 23 High Speed Steel
- Specialty: Facilities and User Centers
- Aluminum Soldering and Brazing Applications
- Improved Manufacturing Effectiveness by an Integrated Approach to
Manufacturing Processes and Thermal Processing
- Processing of C-Si Composites by Micropyretic Synthesis
- Properties of Bainite Hardened SAE 52100 Steel
- Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Microalloyed Medium-Carbon
Forging Steels
- The Effect of Quench Rate and Tempering Temperature on the Microstructure and
Hardness of Commercial Steels
- Fracture Toughness Study of Quenched and Tempered High Strength Steels
- Effect of Heat Treatment on the Multi-Harmonic Tuning and Acoustics of the
Caribbean Steel Drum
- The Relationship between Microstructure and Hardness, Wear and Corrosion
Resistance in Steel Components Nitrided in Industrial Salt Baths
- Microstructural Changes of TBC-Coated Superalloys During Creep and
Isothermal Treatment
- Laser Hardening of Steel-Fatigue and Microstructure
- A New Approach in Characterizing the Mechanical Properties of Surface Layers
- The Influence of Ammonia on the Surface Microstructure of Carbonitrided 8620
and 5120 Steels
- Rolling Contact Fatigue Strength of Carbo-Nitrided and Shot-Peened Chromium
Alloy Steel
- The Use of Electrical Conductivity Measurements for Heat Treatable Aluminum
- The Influence of Heat Treatment on the Microstructure and Ductility of a Particle
Strengthened Al-2. 6wt. %Li-O.09wt. %Zr Alloy
- The Correlations Between the Magnetic Susceptiblity of Sigma Phase in a Duplex
Stainless Steel and the Prior Aging Conditions
- Modification of Primary Carbide Structure of White Cast Irons
- The Influence of Microstructure on the Mechanical Properties of Wrought, Heat-
treated, High-Nitrogen Stellite 21
- Effect of Post Weld Heat Treatments on the Microstructure and Mechanical
Behaviour of 13Cr-4NiMoL and 13Cr-6NiMoL Weld Metals
- Heat Treatment of Steels: Prediction of Microstructure, Residual Distortion and
Residual Stress
- Bainite Transformation Kinetics in High Strength Steels
- Scattering of Heat Treansfer Coefficient in High Pressure Gas Quenching
- Cold Chamber Gas Cooling for Low-Pollution Hardening
- Gas Quench Vessel Efficiency: Experimental and Computational Analysis
- Accuracy of Evaluation Methods for Heat Transfer Coefficients in Quenching
- Inverse Analysis of Temperature-Time Data with Grossly Different Time Scales
Using Beck's Second Method and the Frankel-Keyhani Whole-Domain Technique
- Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Quenching: Comparison of Inverse Techniques
- Calculations of Cooling Conditions of Steel Parts During Quenching
- Computer-Aided Analysis of the Quenching Probe Test
- Heat Transfer of Turbine Disks in A Liquid Quench: Part III-Experimental Results
for A Disk with Bore
- Comparison of Cooling Capacity of Aqueous Poly (Alkylene Glycol) Quenchants
With Water and Oil
- Comparative Cooling Curve Performance of Two Vegetable Oils and a Min
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