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Title Evaluating the parameter influence in the event of a ship collision based on the finite element approach / Aditya Rio Prabowo, Dong-Myung Bae, Jung-Min Sohn, Ahmad Fauzan Zakki
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VolumeVol 7, No 4 (2016) 592-602
Electronic Access http://www.ijtech.eng.ui.ac.id/index.php/journal/article/view/2104
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main objective of this paper is to review and examine the effects of the
selected collision parameter values on the characteristics of collision energy
in several ship collision scenarios. The benchmarking particulars were taken
from the ship-to-ship collision case on Sunda Strait in 2014, while the
collision process was modeled with non-linear simulations using the finite
element (FE) method to determine the predicted damage and internal energy in
the collision process. In the first phase, the verified model for the numerical
simulation was built based on the benchmarks and other previous findings by
researchers. The study of parameters during the collision process was performed
in a later stage. The location of the target point in the vertical axis and the
effect of the collision angle were the primary main focuses. The characteristics
of damage and energy tendencies will be presented. One remarkable findings was
that the structure of the car deck showed a better resistance and was more
difficult to destroy than the other proposed locations. The angle position
between the two objects during the impact process significantly contributed to
the damage pattern on the side hull. The final results also indicated that the
cross-section of the target point?s location influenced the observed parameters.
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