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Telaah implementasi undang-undang keterbukaan informasi publik sebagai wujud penerapan prinsip good governance: studi di Kabupaten Lombok Barat dan Kota Surakarta (artikel pada ASPA Indonesia International Seminar and IAPA Annual Conference 2012)

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Penerbitan [Place of publication not identified]: Universitas Brawijaya Press, 2012
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Indonesia government pursue to established freedom of information for their civilisation in order to enhance good governance in the public sector by implementing the Disclosure of Public Information Act number 14 year 2008 popularly known as UU KIP. This study is aimed to describe and draw the factors that affected the implementation of UU KIP in the Surakarta City and Lombok Barat Municipality. This research uses mixed method both quantitative through survey and qualitative through in-depth interview and focus group discussion. The research concluded that there are numerous factor whis affected the implementation of UU KIP such as; political will both from central government and local leader, aparatur readiness, the lack of the UU KIP itself, minimum budget, infrastructure and the culture of the society. UU KIP also perceived as the Act that regulate the public information and bring enhancement in implementing good governance for the public institution. It believes that the local government will be more accountable, transparent and increase public participation.