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UI - Tesis Membership :: Kembali

Komunikasi dan pemahaman tentang perda No. 2 tahun 2005

Sondang Ida Oktavia Rianita; Harsono Suwardi, supervisor (Universitas Indonesia, 2006)


This research discusses about communication and understanding about Perch No.212005 with the main subject study case about the non smoking area inside public transportation. This research means to shows on how communication method implemented in order to ask public transportation drivers to maintain their environment Eventually the basic purpose and target of this regulation would be on how do the health and hygiene environment at Jakarta city could be established by maintaining the air quality with following the no-smoking rules on designated place and public transportation included.
This research was done through observation method and interview with qualitative descriptive research type. Communication among public transportation drivers, public transportation- vehicle's- owner and station--leader -hopefully-made through the two-ways communication method so they able to switch information, give a clear direction, reduce any misunderstanding so all received information can be implemented on their daily lives. Based on those analysis result writer hopes that the implementation of Perda no.2 year 2005 drivers could obey that regulation, grows internal conscious on how to maintain a health and clean environment, and the most essential thing is to be able to communicate this issue among drivers and other society.
Besides as described above the communication process would be regarding on how the public transportation unit's owner when receives the information related to the Perda can socialize it to his drivers, event through the station leader or met the drivers directly. So that drivers deeply understand and Finally they want to obey that Perda. According to the finding result that came from observation and interview to the public transportation vehicle's owner, station leader and public transportation drivers can be summarize as below.
Generally the public transportation vehicle's owner, station leader and the drivers already knew the implementation of this Perda Besides the information that they have from the media, event electronic and printed media, also got through their internal communication formed as advisory or discussion that conducted between the higher level person and the subordinates or among friends.
Response from all parties generally the same which is they do not seriously care since among the higher level there are no strict rule so that on the lower level, station leader and drivers, will not follow that Perth. Otherwise the public transportation vehicle's owners do not want to deliver a strict rule since they do not want their employees leave them cause of their employees assumed that too many rules take place on the company.
Assumed that there are no effort came from those parties in order get this Perda success since basically they do not care Perth implementation or even some of them obey the regulation that just because they drive the unit that have an AC installed, not because of the Perda, the main reason is because their superior strictly forbid the drivers to smoke since it can make the AC broken.
Base on this research, writer advice to conduct a real socialization acts from DKI Jakarta government so the target and objectives of this Perda can be achieved and implemented. Additionally, in order to get a result on this research, it would be better if between the government, Organda as the public transportation representative in the government, with all public transportation vehicle's owners get involve on each policy that made especially policies which directly related to public transportation_ On account of that reason, at least Organdy and the public transportation vehicle's owners able to brief them inputs or advices refer to the reality that happens on the field since those both parties are the persons whom exactly knows it.

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