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Penyimpangan prosedur pelaksanaan pelelangan tender untuk penentuan pemenang sebagai bentuk tindakan KKN di UPT "X" Jakarta = Performance procedure misconduct in tender auction over winner determination as a form of collusion, corruption, and nepotism in UPT "X" Jakarta

Tri Joko Wuryanto; Tb. Ronny Rahman Nitibaskara, supervisor (Universitas Indonesia, 2006)


Research upon performance procedure misconduct of the tender auction over winner determination as a form of collusion, corruption and nepotism in a government's Unit ?X? Technical Executor where unlawful conduct exixts, deprives both the community and the country. Such misconduct performed intentionally and it was compulsory, and such as this is hard to prove since all procedures were executed, unless the supervisory was maximally perform its principal duty and function.
The research methodology here performed descriptively, provided that the research was in purpose to abtain or depict of such misconduct over the procedure of the tender auction deeply, including within, causal factor and people involved.
Misconduct occurred according to the different Typology of Association Theory (Diiferential Association) by Edwin H. Sutherland that such performance procedure misconduct over tender aution in order to determine the winner as a form of collusion, corruption and nepotism within a Unit ?X? Technical Executor in the government may be included into a form of Collusion, Corruption and Nepotism crime and as a White Collar Crime.
Tender auction procedure misconduct of determination the winner was a form of collusion, comrption and ncpotism, since it deprives the state?s finance, and imposes lesser trust, power and revenue, thus, hampering mentality of those who involved. And at this time being, it has never been investigated any better by the General Inspectorate neither the Development Finance Investigatory Administration.
Prevention measures that should be perform that it need highly seriousness from the institution or administration who investigate the development performance and to provide fair sanction against the act, either to officials, the committee, technical managers, and contractors, making them learning their lesson and giving severe warning to those who intending to also misconduct.

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