UI - Skripsi (Open) :: Kembali

UI - Skripsi (Open) :: Kembali

Analisis persepsi pegawai atas pelaksanaan program Keselamatan Dan Kesehatan Kerja (k3) pada pt. lestari busana A.M. bagian produksi tahun 2008

Hesti Novi Iriani; Muh. Azis Muslim, supervisor (Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik Universitas Indonesia, 2008)


Human resources are the assets of organizations that play the most important role in accomplishing company?s goals. They have the risk of getting into an accident and health problems in their working environment. The level of risk for each person varies depending on their nature of job or their working locations. Aware this condition, PT. Lestari Busana A.M., a garment industries, has implemented safety and health program in the company. One excellent way to assess the accountability of the implementation is through perception survey.
This research focused study and analyzed perception of employees to execute of health and safety work program with supported by a number of indicator that is work-accident, work-safety, work-healthy, the last safety and health work program management. Safety and health work program is constitute to prevent the occur of work accident. There are two targets of this research, that is to know how the execution of safety and health work program in the company with knowing employees perception and to know the constraints from the execution of safety and health work program in the company.
This research use quantitative approach representing selection of variation from social phenomenon studied. There are three kind of detail examination are descriptive, cross-sectional study and pure research.
The variable of this research is univariate. The measuring instrument that is used in this research are questioner, observation and also interview in order to searching answer to raised research questions. Population in this research amount to 810 peoples with amount of sample 89 peoples who is taken with non-probability of stratified random sampling for the employees who has at least one year of employment only. Measurement of mount used in this research is ordinal measurement and use likert scale. The questioner which have been gathered, then made the tabulation of percentage to know dominant value each indicator (Quantitative) and also use central tendency technique.
Pursuant to research result, all respondent express to agree with the execution of safety and health work program. The constraints from the execution of safety and health work program can be handle cause there is cooperation between employer and employee although there are a few employees have neutral responses regarding the implementation. Good execution have been proven can be minimize amount of work accident in company. The company has to involve them in identifying the hazards of their job, so they will be more aware in implementing safety in their daily task.

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