UI - Skripsi Open :: Kembali

UI - Skripsi Open :: Kembali

Strategi pengembangan pegawai baru Departemen Perindustrian melalui kegiatan wajib magang di perusahaan industri

Mochammad Gazhali Enggoa; Afiati Indri Wardhani, supervisor (Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik Universitas Indonesia, 2008)


It is a fact that the Ministry of Industry needs more human resources with excellent qualities to fulfill its missions and visions. According to this, The Ministry of Industry Republic of Indonesia at the present is having an activity namely ?The apprenticeship for Junior Employees on Industrial Companies?. This activity is merely important for giving more knowledge and insights to the juniors in order to give some guidance for industrial companies and to anticipate the caderisation on the latter purpose.
This study has a research question for how the the development of employees on the Ministry of Industry by means of a mandatory apprenticeship for the junior employees on industrial companies? To achieve the purpose of this study, the qualitative method is being used by doing some procedure of analysis data such as interviews with some respondents and examines the literature to attain the latest information.
A mandatory apprenticeship is a part of the careers development for the juniors so that it is important for them. The Assessment Phase on this activity is the bad condition that happened in the industry sector and the ministry?s contributions for the national economic development. Beside that, the weaknesses related to the government human resources are also affect the ministry?s training method.
Then, the job analysis is related to the needs of knowledge, skills and behavior though skills and behavior are not a fundamental issue at determining the training method. The relation of a mandatory apprenticeship with individual analysis is a zero-growth of employees for about ten years and consequently affects the ability of the juniors to replacing the seniors. The activity is started by the socialization from The Bureau of Human Resources to the second echelon official for appointing the companies. After that, the participants are distributed to each of divisions of the company. However, there are some difficulties on the implementation for instance the budget difficulty, the unperformed of forum group discussion at the company and the report presentation that are not accomplished yet.


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