UI - Tesis (Open) :: Kembali

UI - Tesis (Open) :: Kembali

Furnimart market development plan

Tri Lestiyono; Avanti Fontana, supervisor (Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Indonesia, 2009)


The growth of modern retail in the last of 5 years was marked with entering of some foreign modern retails in Indonesia, they make a competition in retail business expands very fast. These conditions was marked with changing of buying pattern from traditional market to modern market that so much give and provide amenity to the consumer and also level of potential market in Indonesia. Frequency of promotion activity, special price, bonus buys, and easy to pay with free interest rate will become one of interesting alternative offer for consumer, more familiar with one stop shopping concept. It also happened for furniture business in Indonesia. Olympic as market leader of knockdown furniture tries to make adapt with all changes in the market. By building distribution network through modern store that directly related to end user (Furnimart) that gives good solution about home furniture decorations, so it's can compete to the other modern retail in Indonesia market.


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Penerbitan : Depok: Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Indonesia, 2009
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