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Artikel Jurnal :: Kembali

Peran pendidikan jarak jauh dalam pencapaian MDGs

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It is widely accepted that education is one important sector in human life espicially related to access and participation. However , Indonesia sill faces problem in relation to equal education access for boys is higher than rhose for girls. This situation shows, to some point, hind rents the Indonesia government to provide equal education for man and woman as one target of the United Nation's Millenium Declaration. It is the necessary to take a look at policies of Indonesia government on education and how the policies influence women participation in education. One of the government policies which could benefit women is the acknowledgeement of distance education (DE) in Indonesia educational system. This paper discusses how DE could benefit women by providing wider access to education. For illustration , this paper provides analysis of roles and performances of Universitas Terbuka , a state national higher education which fully implements DE system, in relation to efforts to increase access and participation of women in education, espicially in higher education.


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