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Artikel Jurnal :: Kembali

Kondisi terumbu karang di pesisir kelurahan sungai pisang sumatera Barat

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quality of territorial water there are difference that is in Island of Sironjang, Island of Sirandah and Island of Pasumpahan brightness 7 metre, salinitas 30 % 0, degree of acidity (pH) 8, air temperature 28 derajat C and water temperature 30 derajat C. While , in island of Sikuai brightness 5 metre, salinitas 29 %0 , pH 7, and water temperature 28 derajat C. This defference is assumed by because in Island of Sikuai stand up wisata resort and hotel. Results of coral covery of manta - tow live equal to 11 - 30 % (category of II), in Island of Sirandah (Coral Heliopora) and Island of Pasumpahan (Coral Massive) with mean mount rock tutupan live equal to 31 - 50% (category of III). Result of line transect, percentage of coral covery live at location islands research of mean in a condition heavy damage (0 - 24%), and (25 49 %), higest coral covery there are in Island of Pasumpahan equal to 47, 50 % (damage) in Island of Sirandah 46,5 is % (damage), and in Island of Sikuai 23 % (heavy damage), while lowest coral covery found in Island of Sironjong equal to 15, 00% heavy damage. Mean make an index to diversity which there are in Island of Sironjong is 0,384, Island of Sirandah 0, 443, Island of Sikuai 0,647 and Island of Pasumpahan 0, 375 , (H<1). Mean of diversity of low growth form, low spreading and low stability. Index mean dominant coral in Island of Sironjong 0,510, In Island of Sirandah 0,705, Island of Sikuai 0,737 and Island of Pasumpahan 0,644 (C come near 1) meaning there is type which dominant. (25 - 49%) higest coral covery there are in


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