Artikel Jurnal :: Kembali

Artikel Jurnal :: Kembali

Peranan Sastra dalam Pemertahanan Nilai-nilai Budaya Lokal sebagai Pemerkukuh Identitas dan Ketahanan Bangsa

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In line with the actual issue of globalization and other foreign cultural elements entering our country, an effort is required to strengthen our self identity and national defence. A solid national identity and a national with a high sustenance candynamically overcome threts, barriers, and challenges which endanger the existence and unity of this country. Foreign culture have been intruding our country and obsessing people in all aspects of life; consequently, our local culture is belittled and marginalized. The local culture values are related to ethics, esthetics, morality, religion, society and personal viewpoint which actually have to be maintained. Considering the above mentioned problems, the writer finds it necessary to make a research on the conservation of local culture values in order to strengthen our self-identity and national existence. Literature is considered a relevant means to conserve the local culture values. Literature can be used to develop, utilize, and disseminate local culture values; to express and record local culture values, to enhance, maintain, and socialize local culture values; and to grow the sense of appreciation and pride in this nation. As a result, the sustenance and existence of this nation can be strengthened. With this research, it is expected that men of literature will be encouraged to produce literature conceived with messages and loads of local culture values. Who else can do this, except us?


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No. Panggil : MAILMAR
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Majalah/Jurnal : Majalah Ilmiah Maranatha. Vol.17, No.1 2010 (14-19)
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