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Artikel Jurnal :: Kembali

Kepala Desa sebagai Manajer

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Since law No. 22/1999 was put into effect and changed to Law No. 32/2004, there has been significant change in the implementation of local and village government administration . The change causes the number of the activities that have to be done too. Therefore a village headman who has adequate competencies is needed to manage the functions of management or a village headman who functions as a manager is needed. This article discusses some roles, duties and skills. In order that the roles,duties and skills can be performed by the village headman,upgrading the skills of the village headman as manager,clearly, should be done as soon as possible . Thus, one way is to pay attention to their academic level as a requirement to be village headman. The minimum level should be Senior High School, not Junior High School as what is required now.


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