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Artikel Jurnal :: Kembali

Analisa pendekatan Negara dalam Ekonomi Politik

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The interaction power and economic phenomena may provide an appealing focus for political economy. This article is expected to be a critical overview of the current Indonesia political economy condition. When the role of state is limited only as watchdog and the ruler of the game is the private sectors this can be called as a free capitalism. According to the theories of political economy by Caporasao and Livine, our country status to the political economy roles is a weak state. Multinational Cooperation has played an important role in Indonesia economy. Free market seems to get the heavent place in our country with the biggest five highly populated. In the free market economy, individuals enter to relations (exchange) voluntary but the free market eliminated authority allocation, coeverceice forms of labor and so on. By replacing authority wih voluntary contract, the market economy shows to eliminate the state power. Therefore, this article suggests that we need to firm our state - centered approaches to political economy. The state policy to the private sector is too loose and let them treat it as an instrument or instution employed by individuals or groups as a way of achieving private ends. tThis form of determination leaves the state in a derivative position. deprived of its own logic, lacking of motivation and source of energy lying outside economy, the state is reduced to a dependent variable. First, a clear distinction is made between state and economy. second economy is accorded a primary place, with the scenes and interests of individuals at the center. And the third, the state is treated as a vehicle to satisfy wants when they cannot be satisfied privately. This article approaches to political economy centering of an active state whose agenda is not to reducible to wants emerging within the private atmosphere. The article begins with a discussion on the state autonomy, society centered approaches, a transformational view of the state and conclusion.


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