Artikel Jurnal :: Kembali

Artikel Jurnal :: Kembali

Pengaruh partisipasi masyarakat perkumpulan petani pemakai air (P3A) terhadap mutu lingkungan hidup di Kabupaten Jeneponto

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Development is a series of effort made and planned consciously to achieve a better life. To realize that objective , development needs resources available in this life. Environment development is an absolute thing that must be realized. Development made without observing the principle of harmony and equilibrium will cause damage of environment, so that environment has no more capacity to prop up and support the next development implementation. The research done at Jeneponto District, specially , in irrigation areal of Kelara Karalloe shows result as following First, calculation result by using software SPSS show that correlation coefficient is about 0,714. This means that there is a positive and significant influence between independent variable (participation of peasant group of water consumer P3A) and dependent variable (environment quality). This can be seen through the result of test , both at level 0,05 or level of trust about 95 % and at level 0,01 or level of trust about 99% , where the result of T test is greater than T table i.e 10, 103 > 1,289 and 1,659 (T table). In the examination of T it can be seen that t test (X tot) equal 10.130 greater than the constant wich equal 4.887 . Second, the contribution of variable group of peasant consumer of awter participation toward quality of environment at Jeneponto District or determination coefficient equal R Square/ r2 which equals 0, 510 or 51,00% , which mean that there still are others thing that influence the increasing of quality of environment . Third, the result of regression analysis through SPSS calculation show that , what happens to the independent variable is constant at standardized coefficients B = 10, 664 (a) ,while (b) = X Tot at standardized coefficients = 0.553. s0 equality of line regression is Y = 10,664 + 0, 533 x which means that if independent variable is at the point 0 (zero), dependent variable will be at point 10,664. When independent variable increases a unit , dependent variable will increase about 0, 553. This means that every increasing of unit in a certain time, thus the influence of group of peasant participation in P3A toward quality of environment in Jeneponto District will increases about 0,55%. Therefore, hypothesis thjat has been formulated in this research can be accepted. Forth, the changing which happens to variable quality of environment , according to the prediction which can be explained be equality of regression line, mentioned above, is enough accurate. This can be proved through the result standard error estimation (SE est) and standard deviation of dependent variable (SDy) which show that SE est is about 1,28 smaller than SDy which is about 1,81. The result of hypothesis examination shows that, the more goes up the participation of group of peasant in P3A the more goes up also the quality of environment in Jeneponto District.


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