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Artikel Jurnal :: Kembali

Analisis kelayakan ekonomi , keberlanjutan usahatani dan faktor-faktor penentu adopsi benih jagung transgenik di Indonesia.

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An ex ante valuation was carried out to determine economic feasibility and sustainability of transgenic Bt and RR corn seeds adoption at farm level. Farm surveys were conducted in East Java and Lampung provinces to collect data form the existing com farms. Data were analyzed using methods of input - output analysis, contingent valuation methods (CVM) and multi - attribute value theory (MAVT). Simulated input - output analysis (with vs without) was conducted using previously available trial data and transgenic corn, , some experts were requested to weigh potential alternatives based on various criteria, sub - criteria and indicators employing analytical hierachy process (AHP) technique. Feasilibity valuation showed that transgenic corn provides higher farm revenue that that of conventional hybrid corn i,e. Rp. 10,7 - 14,4 million and Rp.10,2-12,4 million per hectare, respectively. Majority of farmers were willing to pay higher price. Sustainability index calculated at farm level showed slightly higher aggregate index of transgenic corn seeds adoption compared to that of existing hybrid corn. Institutional framework and capacity, regulation and public perception were seen as the most critical factors in ensuring successful adoption of transgenic seeds in Indonesia.


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