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Artikel Jurnal :: Kembali

Kajian kebutuhan peningkatan kompetensi mengajar guru

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This study aims to identify the objective read of the school needs objectively which can be taken into account in determining policy intervention through educational planning. The specific aims of the study are to obtain information on : a) teacher characteristics perceived as determinants of teacher quality b) teacher quality which focuses on their competence in teaching and learning process and need assessment of teacher training. Findings of the study show that there are many teachers whose educational backgrounds did not match with the subject they teach (mismatch). This especially true in the case of private junior and senior secondary school teachers. There was a concern on the mastery of primary school teachers in the subjects they teach. At the junior and senior levels most of the teachers had the mastery in the subjects they teach. Attempts to improve teacher professionalism were conducted through training. However, more that two fifth of teacher did not participate in any training. Training on how to develop curriculum and tests were needed by most of Islamic primary, junior secondary and senior secondary teachers who had non-teching qualification background.


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