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Artikel Jurnal :: Kembali

Peluang dan Tantangan Diplomasi Ekonomi Indonesia di G20: Berkaca pada Kasus Penanganan Krisis Finansial Global 2008-2009

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The latest global financial crisis was not merely provoked by the fate of the United States (US) financial and economic system. At a wider perspective, it is indeed a result of crisis in global governance which was caused by the exclusivity of state members playing role as decision makers in world economic and financial sector, and the weakness of surveillance as well as regulation concerning the dynamics of financial sector at the global stage. G20, therefore, has been a significant forum to respond to the global financial crisis and as an effort to establish a new world economic order that can cope with the dynamics of international changes. This writing is aimed to highlights: (i) The focus of Indonesian economic diplomacy within the G20 forum during the 2008-2009 global financial crisis; (ii) The opportunities and challenges that Indonesia faces in G20 during the crisis; and (iii) The implementation of global governance concept in international relations in the framework of G20.


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Majalah/Jurnal : Jurnal Diplomasi : Menjembatani Wacana ke Realita, Vol.2, No.2 Juni 2010 (140-162)
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