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Buku Teks :: Kembali

Perspectives of law : essays for Austin Wakeman Scott

edited by Roscoe Pound, Erwin N. Griswold, Arthur E. Sutherland (Little, Brown, 1964)


Contents :
A letter from Mr. Justice Frankfurter -- Preface -- Autobiographical letter from Professor Scott -- Conflict of interest in Massachusetts / by Robert Braucher -- Oral contracts to provide by will and the choice-of-law process: some notes on Bernkrant / by David F. Cavers -- A system of judicial notice based on fairness and convenience / by Kenneth Culp Davis -- Influence of the Abbé de Mably and of Le Mercier de la Rivière on American constitutional ideas concerning the Republic and judicial review / by Mitchell Franklin -- The House of law / by Ronald Graveson -- Vested and contingent remainders: a premature requiem for distinctions between conditions precedent and subsequent / by Edward C. Halbach, Jr. -- The first American reform of civil procedure / by George L. Haskins -- Reflections on the executory accord / by Harold C. Havinghurst -- Perpetuities, cy pres on the march / by W. Barton Leach.
The strange destiny of trusts / by Pierre LePaulle -- Incompletely constituted trusts / by R.H. Maudsley -- Constitutional interpretation: the obligation to respect the text / by Maurice H. Merrill -- Some reflections on the function of the confidential relationship doctrine in the law of trusts / by Ralph A. Newman -- The king can do no wrong / by Roscoe Pound -- States as suitors in interstate litigation in the Supreme Court / by William G. Rice -- "Result-orientation" and appellate judgment / by Julius Stone -- Blackstone after two centuries / by Arthur E. Sutherland -- From some colleagues and sometime students.

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Penerbitan : Boston: Little, Brown, 1964
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