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UI - Tesis Membership :: Kembali

Anglofilia dalam novel 'The God of small things' karya Arundhati Roy dan 'Dogeaters' karya Jessica Hagedorn

Rahayu Puji Haryanti; Melani Budianta, supervisor (Fakultas Ilmu Pengetahuan dan Budaya Universitas Indonesia, 2000)


Anglophilia is a kind of state of mind in which the owner (the anglophile) adhores English people or English things. In this research the meaning of this term is broadened into a state of mind of people who adhore white people (including white American) and all their properties (way of life, culture, language, etc). This research tries to undo what has happened to the anglophiles especially those who live in am ex-British and American colonized areas as described in two novels - The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy and Dog-eaters by Jessica I Tagedorn. First, it reveals that the theme of those novels is how the people in the novels, in facing the conflicts between their traditional (eastern) culture and the colonizer's (western) culture, strive for a cultural identity. After that, this research shows how anglophi/ia is developed within the frame of the theme. It can be infered that, then, anglophilia is a dilemma for those people (especially the main characters) as, on one side, it does not give a clear stance to the upholders but, on the other side, it cannot be completely avoided. When the anglophiles try to get rid of the western culture and turn to their ancestors' culture, the are faced with dislocation. They cannot deny that they still need self actualization by embracing the western culture.
This research finds out that both novels offer a temporary solution to the problem. It is the idea of hybridization. The conflicts are regarded as historical impact that has to be taken by the new generation in the colonial areas. They are not anymore purely local while, at the same time, the cannot be fully western. Their identity is in the grey area (between black and white). However, as said before, it is a temporary stance since with their position, they are not yet satisfied. They sill continue searching while being active and dynamic in living their life.


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