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Kenaikan Koefisienp perpindahan Kalor Kondensasi Film pada Kondenser Silinder Vertikal dengan Nanofluida Al2O3-Air sebagai Fluida Dingin

(Jurnal Teknologi, 19 (1) Maret 2005 : 1-9, 2005)


Research to nanofluida have a lot of conducted to indicate that nanofluida has a great potency for
better heat transfer. Nanofluida is mixture between solid particle of nanosize with the based-fluid.
Nano particle suspended in based-fluid permanently which is because of eristence of Brownian eject.
Before nanofluida can be applied in commercial purpose, the furthermore experiment is needed. In this
research conducted the measurement of heat transfer coefficient jilm condensation which used vertical
condenser and nanofluids Al2O3-water as cooling fluids With variation of flow rote of cooling fluid and
volume concentration of nanofluid as well, the experimental result shows the enhancement of
condensation heat transfer coefficient with nanofluid compared to base fluids : 12- 19% for 1% particles
concentration and 23-33 % for 4% particles concentration.

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