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Sustainable development options for Papua

([Fakultas Teknik UI, Hoshin. Data Hoshin. Studio Hoshin (Manchester)], 2011)


The paper presents some early outputs from a study considering Papua?s economic development options. Rich in mineral and forestry wealth, Papua paradoxically suffers the
highest levels of poverty in Indonesia; it can be argued that uneven income distribution is as significant as a lack of wealth, or potential.
Using secondary data sources the paper looks at
how economic development options impact on Papua. However, it concludes that unless Papua
resolves its chronic energy shortages economic development will be constrained. Therefore, it considers a number of sustainable energy so
urces including jatropha and sago and clean technologies: biodiesel, ethanol and anaerobic digestion. An initial cost benefit feasibility study is presented for each option, prior to making some early observations on their economic, social and environmental impact.


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Penerbitan : [Place of publication not identified]: [Fakultas Teknik UI, Hoshin. Data Hoshin. Studio Hoshin (Manchester)], 2011
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Majalah/JurnalInternational Journal of Technology
VolumeVol. 2, No. 2 Juli 2011: 171-178
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Institusi Pemilik Universitas Indonesia
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