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Buku Teks :: Kembali

Codecharts: roadmaps and blueprints for object-oriented programs

A.H. Eden (Wiley , 2011)


LePUS3, the language of Codecharts, has proven to radically cuts the costs of key tasks in software development and significantly improves the quality of software produced. This classroom-tested resource teaches this visual language through extensive examples and case studies, offering more precise and elegant notation than any other text on the market. It provides accessible, illustration-driven content, with blueprints and roadmaps of programs appearing on almost every page. The book is written for software professionals, third- and fourth-year students of computer science, and graduate students and researchers in software engineering"-- Provided by publisher.
"The book is about a visual language for creating blueprints and maps of programs: Codecharts. It is written for practitioners who wish to cut the costs of software development with Java, C++, C# and other dominant programming languages. To be most effective, Codecharts are presented in a visually attractive form that is accessible to professionals and students alike: One or more sample charts appear on every page of the book, modeling programs that every programmer is familiar with.

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Penerbitan : New Jersey: Wiley , 2011
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Deskripsi Fisik xxv, 243 pages : illustration ; 27 cm
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