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Ways to successful strategies in drug research and development / H. Harald Sedlacek, Alice M. Sapienza, Volker Eid

Eid, Volker.; Sapienza, Alice M. (VCH, 1996)


Strategic planning is a critical subject, central to the success of any scientific and economical enterprise. Not only is the scientific knowledge of many persons needed, but also an assessment of what may occur in the future - which approach may be competitive, which option can be achieved, and how can this be accomplished.
With a focus on the various ethical obligations to patients, animals and the environment, this book offers hands-on help on how to develop successful R&D strategies, taking special account of the needs of scientists and managers in the pharmaceutical industry. Key topics include:
- evaluation and selection of projects
- measures to reduce risks
- project management
- corporate and technology strategy
- managing for innovation
The reader will learn the methods needed to elaborate strategies so that he or she will become aware of the numerous managerial, organizational, social and political parameters and forces, the consideration of which is essential for the successful realization of a formulated strategy.

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