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Social protection in developing countries : reforming systems

edited by Katja Bender, Markus Kaltenborn and Christian Pfleiderer (Routledge, 2013)


Machine generated contents note: pt. I Objectives and political economy of social protection reforms
1.Rescuing social protection from the poverty trap: new programmes and historical lessons /​ Sarah Cook
2.Social protection for poverty reduction: approaches, effectiveness and challenges /​ Armando Barrientos
3.The political economy of social protection reforms in developing countries: what is to be explained and how? /​ Katja Bender
4.Social cohesion: does it matter for growth and development? /​ Annalisa Prizzon
pt. II The legal framework of social protection reforms
5.The human rights-based approach to social protection /​ Markus Kaltenborn
6.The role of law and legal institutions in the reform of social protection systems: experiences from South Africa /​ Ockert Dupper
7.The role of the law of regional organisations in reforms of social protection systems: portability of social security benefits in the East African Community /​ Tulia Ackson
Contents note continued: 8.Reforms of social protection systems in Latin America: the legal context /​ Lorena Ossio Bustillos
pt. III Political feasibility of basic social protection
9.Attitudes towards hard work and redistributive preferences in developing countries /​ Anil Duman
10.Populous, precarious - protected? The paradox of social security for South Asian agricultural workers /​ Karin Astrid Siegmann
11.Whom to target - an obvious choice? /​ Franziska Gassmann
12.003E How to target: overview on current targeting methods in social protection /​ Christian Pfleiderer
pt. IV Social protection systems: between fragmentation and integration
13.Building social protection and labour systems /​ Ian Walker
14.The political economy of social protection reforms in Indonesia /​ Bambang Widianto
15.Social protection reforms in Vietnam: experiences and challenges /​ Matthias Meissner
Contents note continued: 16.Social protection: political reform and policy innovations in South Asia /​ Gabriele Koehler
17.Caring for the urban middle class: the political economy of social protection in Arab countries /​ Markus Loewe
pt. V Social protection reforms: international contexts
18.Building national social protection floors and social security systems: the ILO's two-dimensional social security strategy /​ Christina Behrendt
19.Developing countries' social protection measures in reaction to the global economic and financial crisis /​ Nina Thelen
20.Social protection and the four horsemen of the donor apocalypse /​ Nicholas Freeland.


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