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Artikel Jurnal :: Kembali

Perspektif sosial budaya dalam pembangunan pariwisata

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Tourism has positive influence for the community and nation, because it provides economic benefits to achieve the social welfare, besides that the negative impacts should be aware of In the cultural tourism development that uses culture as a potential tourist attraction has been perceived benefits for the community. However, if the management of tourism industry uncontrolled, it can be a very dangerous threat to the preservation of cultural values. Tourism development from a social cultural perspective has focus on the regulation and the management of tourism implementation, with the aim to achieve balance and harmony of the relationship between the goal to achieve people's welfare and the preservation of natural environment and social culture. Thus, tourism development can fulfill the needs of life for future generations because the natural environment and social culture in development dynamically developing harmonious and balanced. Sustainable tourism development will run smoothly on the natural environment and social culture that lives in a safe atmosphere.


No. Panggil : JUKIN 5:2 (2010)
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Sumber Pengatalogannone
Majalah/JurnalJurnal kepariwisataan Indonesia : jurnal penelitian dan pengembangan kepariwisataan 5 (2) Juni 2010. Hal. : 151-162
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Institusi Pemilik Universitas Indonesia
Lokasi Perpustakaan UI, Lantai 4, R. Koleksi Jurnal
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