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Artikel Jurnal :: Kembali

The issues of poverty measurement : the commitment to fight against global poverty

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This paper discusses the issues behind the existing poverty measurements that matter to fight against global poverty. It has been argued that the achievement of internastional community to combat global poverty is less successful with the presence of some limitations in the poverty measurement. The assessment of poverty, that in only based on income and does not adequarterly represent current standards of what poverty means, may not accurately generate the progress of global poverty reductions. In addition, the correction of the 2005 ICP that was not successful to deal with the representation of consumption pattern in poor areas influences the quality comparisons of prices across countries and the process of poverty assessment. Also, a number of issues in household survey particularly in data collection and survey design have produced uncertainly in the estimation of poverty reduction in the world. Given these weakness, hereofer, considering indicators of poverty beyond income approach is important to fully describe the progress of global poverty reduction. In addition, coordinating the poverty measurement methods at the national level might also provide meaningful alternatives to estimate the reduction of global poverty. This includes obtaining information about individual living conditions through qualitative and participatory that plays on important role to measure and capture progress of combating poverty in the world.


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ISSN : 08543709
Majalah/Jurnal : Perencanaan Pembangunan: Media, Informasi, dan Komunikasi Perencanaan Pembangunan, 1 (21) 2015 : p. 1-6
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