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Systems biology in cancer research and drug discovery

edited by Asfar S. Azmi (Springer, 2012)


Systems biology in cancer research and drug discovery provides a unique collection of chapters, by world-class researchers, describing the use of integrated systems biology and network modeling in the cancer field where traditional tools have failed to deliver expected promise. This book touches four applications/aspects of systems biology, (i) in understanding aberrant signaling in cancer, (ii) in identifying biomarkers and prognostic markers especially focused on angiogenesis pathways, (iii) in unwinding microRNAs complexity, and (iv) in anticancer drug discovery and in clinical trial design. This book reviews the state-of-the-art knowledge and touches upon cutting edge newer and improved applications especially in the area of network modeling. It is aimed at an audience ranging from students, academics, basic researcher and clinicians in cancer research.

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