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The backlash against investment arbitration : perceptions and reality

Michael Waibel (Wolters Kluwer, 2010)


The Backlash against Investment Arbitration : Perceptions and Reality /​ Michael Waibel ... [et al.]
Disregarding the Corporate Veil and Denial of Benefits Clauses : Testing Treaty Language and the Concept of "Investor" /​ Rachel Thorn &​ Jennifer Doucleff
Private Enforcement of International Investment Law : Why We Need Investor Standing in BIT Dispute Settlement /​ Stephan W. Schill
Drawing the Limits of Free Transfer Provisions /​ Alejandro Turyn &​ Facundo Perez Aznar
A Comparison of ICSID and UNCITRAL Arbitration : Areas of Divergence and Concern /​ Stephen Jagusch &​ Jeffrey Sullivan
The Issues Raised by Parallel Proceedings and Possible Solutions /​ August Reinisch
Parallel Proceedings : A Practitioner's Perspective /​ Richard Kreindler
Annulment and its Role in the Context of Conflicting Awards /​ Christina Knahr
Compensation for Non-expropriatory Investment Treaty Breaches in the Argentine Gas Sector Cases : Issues and Implications /​ Kathryn Khamsi
Arbitrator Integrity /​ William Park
Amicus Curiae : A Panacea for Legitimacy in Investment Arbitration? /​ Nigel Blackaby &​ Caroline Richard
Participation of Non-governmental Organizations in Investment Arbitration as Amici Curiae /​ Amokura Kawahru
Legality of Investments under ICSID Jurisprudence /​ Gabriel Bottini
Invoking State Defenses in Investment Treaty Arbitration /​ A Martinez
Backlash to Investment Arbitration : Three Causes /​ Louis T. Wells


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Penerbitan : Alphen aan den Rijn: Wolters Kluwer, 2010
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