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Sertipikat tanah dan orang miskin: kasus kampung rawa jakarta

Djaka Soehendera; Parsudi Suparlan, 1938-2007, promotor; Robert Markus Zaka Lawang, co-promotor; Rianto Adi, examiner; Iwan Tjitradjaja, examiner; Gumilar Rusliwa Somantri, examiner; Achmad Fedyani Saifuddin, examiner ([Publisher not identified] , 2006)


The Dissertation problem is concerning about implementation of land adjudication project (LAP) for poor people in slum area at jakarta City. Realization of the project faced fact that the socio economic conditions of the people are heterogenic, and have been defended to through application of various social institutions and culture, including by poor people. People anticipate that project with that variation. After adjudication, existence of land certificate do not always in line with clauses and mechanism of other development projects, hence poor people even also perforce to anticipate that condition with some ability and many ways.
For the purpose of law and economics development for the poor people, this dissertation sees that target of adjudication influenced by a number of factors. So, the problem of this dissertation included an absolute poorness form, ownership doubting of land right, or the limited opportunity of poor people to access legal things. Not to mention existence of other resistance which faced by poor people after project of land adjudication done.
Land adjudication in fact is only one of the small shares or step of a big and wide development process. Adjudication is only a step early to follow that big current. But if poor people only base on land adjudication is not yet adequate. The poor needed many other formal prerequisites if they want to be successful. And, adjudication also is not ending result. Adjudication of course yields formal evidence, namely land certificate, but certificate remains to have to be related to other formal things so that can useful for them.
Thereby, development in fact affects less both for the poor. Development is not merely a planned process which isn't it become a set activity for whosoever, but require selected things, especially productive capital which can continue to develop. As a result, development become to side at owner of capital.
Field data indicated regarding importantly of give adequate attention to heterogeneity that happened, especially in slum area. Existing heterogeneity exactly can equip various concept and theory, for example hitting ?culture of poverty' nor macro social and micro social concepts of Southall (1973) less giving of attention at variant that happened and barbed with people dynamics in answering to all sort of matter which intervening their social group, Heterogeneity also indication of is existence of culture knowledge which vary at people which remain to slum area. Culture knowledge which vary that will be used them to answer to various development intervention. If we mentioned more pay attention, hence will be able to assist us to analyze the essence relation between society and development.

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