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Enhancing teaching and learning : student feedback in medical and health sciences

Chenicheri Sid Nair (Chandos, 2014)


Student feedback has appeared in the forefront of higher education quality, in particular the issues of effectiveness and the use of student feedback to improve higher education teaching and learning, and other areas of student tertiary experience. Despite this, little academic literature has focussed on the experiences of academics, higher education leaders and managers. The final title in the Chandos learning and teaching series to focus on student feedback, Enhancing learning and teaching through student feedback in the medical and health Sciences expands on topics covered in the previous publications, focussing on the medical and health science disciplines. This edited title includes contributions from experts in higher education quality, and student feedback from a range of countries, such as Australia, Europe, Canada, the USA, the UK, South East Asia and India. The book is concerned with the practices of evaluation and higher education quality in medical and health science disciplines, with particular focus on student feedback. The book begins by giving a discipline-specific overview of student feedback in medical and health sciences, before moving on to take a global perspective. The penultimate chapter considers the accountability of student evaluations in health and medical sciences, before a conclusion summarises the practices of student feedback and accountability in medical and health sciences, and suggests future improvements.

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