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The AMA handbook of business documents: guidelines and sample documents that make business writing easy

Kevin Wilson and Jennifer Wauson ([American Management Association;, ], 2011)


Your company's identity, products, services, and strengths are all represented by its written communications. From business plans and sales presentations to newsletters and e-mail marketing, the way the company comes across on a page or screen can make the difference between big success and big trouble. "The AMA Handbook of Business Documents" takes the guesswork out of preparing firstclass written pieces of every type. Packed with dozens of sample documents and practical tips, this handy guide is everything you need to create: proposals; memos; e-mails; press releases; collection letters; speeches; technical, research and lab reports; sales letters; policies and procedures; warning letters; and, announcements. Suited equally to executives, entrepreneurs, managers, and administrative staff anyone charged with putting a business' intentions into words "The AMA Handbook of Business Documents" is a versatile, powerful, and indispensable toolbox.

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