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The enemy of engagement: put an end to workplace frustration--and get the most from your employees

Mark Royal and Tom Agnew ([American Management Association, ], 2012)


There are a lot of frustrated people in most workplaces today. We're not talking about the incorrigible office grump or the permanent slacker. Instead, we're referring to dedicated workers who are being prevented from achieving their peak potential by organizational obstacles. Better enabling these employees to succeed represents an untapped avenue for radically improving productivity. Packed with the latest research findings from the prestigious Hay Group, "The Enemy of Engagement" uncovers the hidden impediments to performance - excessive procedures, lack of resources, overly narrow roles, and more - and outlines best-practice solutions for eliminating them. This is not an insignificant issue facing businesses today. According to Hay Group's study, depending on the industry, between one-third and one-half of employees report work conditions that keep them from being as productive as they could be. "The Enemy of Engagement" gives managers powerful new insights and research-based tools for ensuring their teams are both willing and able to make maximum contributions.;

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Penerbitan : New York: [American Management Association, ], 2012
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