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The zero-turnover sales force: how to maximize revenue by keeping your sales team intact

Doug McLeod ([American Management Association;, ], 2010)


There's no question about it! Sales force turnover can be disastrous to the financial health of an organization, whatever its size, whatever its products or services. With a salesperson's exit often costing at least 150% of that employee's annual compensation, a high rate of turnover can translate into millions of dollars lost each year. "The Zero-Turnover Sales Force" exposes the outdated Old School management practices that perpetuate this costly but avoidable problem. This eye-opening book examines the real reasons for high turnover, explains how it can be avoided, and gives readers specific strategies for maximizing the effectiveness of their sales force. The book demonstrates how to combat 'the 12 Assassins of Sales Force Stability', such as cold calling, straight commission sales compensation, weak recruiting, unfocused training, fuzzy goals, and unrealistic expectations. Sparkling with fresh thinking on hiring smarter, appreciating the values of younger salespeople, retaining top sellers, eliminating wasteful cold calling, and conducting sales meetings that work, "The Zero-Turnover Sales Force" is a powerful must-read for any corporate executive, sales manager, or salesperson who aspires to management.

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