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Getting to innovation: how asking the right questions generates the great ideas your company needs

Arthur B. Vangundy (American Management Association, 2007)


As an acknowledged guru in the field of creativity and innovation, Arthur VanGundy has inspired businesses in a variety of industries to generate more original, cutting-edge ideas. Getting to Innovation is a detailed guide to achieving the critical first step in formulating creative and useful ideas--i.e., asking the right questions that define the challenges facing any organization. Readers will discover: How to write positioning and rationale statements for each challenge How to link together multiple objectives in priority frameworks The top 10 techniques for generating creative ideas Tips for designing and running brainstorming retreats Advice on how to select the best ideas from the many that have been generated When it comes to true innovation, it's not formulating the great ideas, but asking the right questions that will ultimately lead to results. Getting to Innovation offers the tools to help every company tap into its most inspired thinking.

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Penerbitan : New York: American Management Association, 2007
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