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Economics for humans

Julie A. Nelson (University of Chicago Press, 2006)


"Julie A. Nelson debunks theories that teach us that our economic lives are somehow separate from our moral values and our human relationships." "The impediment to envisioning a more considerate economic world, Nelson demonstrates, is a particular assumption that is shared by both neoliberals and the Left. Despite their seemingly insurmountable differences, they both make use of the metaphor, first proposed by Adam Smith, of "the economy as machine." This pervasive idea, she argues, has blinded us to the qualities that make us work and care for one another - qualities that also make businesses thrive and markets grow." "Economics for Humans will both invigorate and inspire readers to rethink the way they view the economy, its possibilities, and their place within it.


Jenis Koleksi : Buku Teks
No. Panggil : 174 NEL e
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Penerbitan : Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2006
Sumber Pengatalogan: LibUI eng rda
ISBN: 9780226572024
Tipe Konten: text
Tipe Media: unmediated
Tipe Carrier: volume
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Deskripsi Fisik: x, 154 pages ; 23 cm
Lembaga Pemilik: Universitas Indonesia
Lokasi: Perpustakaan UI, Lantai 2
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