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Enhanced services on the next-generation network comprehensive report: technologies, business drivers, markets and architectures

International Engineering Consortium (International Engineering Consortium, 2001)


Contents :
- Acronym Guide
- Enhanced Services for Small Business:The Opportunity for Integrated
Communications Providers
- The Next-Generation Network
- An Introduction to IP Telephony
- Integrated Voice and Data over T1
- IP Telephony:The TCO Value Proposition
- The Evolution of VoIP Networks:Marketing and Technical Drivers
- Voice-Enabled E-Business:Unlocking E-Business Opportunities
- Canadian Unified-Messaging Marketing Perspective
- The MTU Connection
- Intelligent Network Marketing Trends
- One Network Service Provider is View of Transitioning Services to a
Combined Wireline-Wireless Network
- Strategies for Accelerating Carrier-Packet Profits
- Marketing IN Business Services
- Paycheck: Brought to You by Your Customers
- Marketing and Future Goals of IN Messaging Services
- Leveraging Messaging for Increased Profitability
- Outsourcing Enhanced Services:The Dilemma Facing Communications
Service Providers
- Value and Business Effects of the Internet on IP Telephony
- Beyond Dial Tone: Opportunities for Value in IP Telephony
- Fine-Tuning Voice-over-Packet Services
- An Overview of Circuit, Packet,and SS7/C7 Networks
- Transporting Voice over IP:The Issues of Quality, Echo, and Latency
- The Utilization of Mobile IN Technology for Deployment of Value-Added
- Distributed Data Retrieval Architecture for Messaging Spoken-Name
- Deploying a Dynamic VoIP Firewall with IP?Telephony Applications
- Securing VoIP Networks with Specific Techniques,Comprehensive
Policies,and VoIP?Capable Firewalls
- Realizing Packet-Based Multiservice Networks:Elements for Achieving
Predictable Service Levels in IP Networks
- Unified Messaging Applications
- Value-Added Services:The Key to Differentiation in Next-Generation
- Unified Messaging Achieving the Promise of Convergence
- The Voice Web
- Rich Instant Messaging
- Intelligent Network Messaging
- Putting the Service Back into Service Providers
- Implementing an Active User Interface:Leveraging Next-Generation
Communications Services through the User Interface
- Service on Voice Portals
- New Features Using Service Node
- Privacy Manager
- VPN Customized Announcements and Intelligent Network Prepaid
- IP Telephony in the Call Center:Two Worlds Converging
- Cable-Based Telephony Service:A Strong and Viable Opportunity
- Next-Generation Services and Strategies
- IP Telephony Services in the New Public Network
- Achieving Carrier-Class Quality of Service and Reliability:Policy-Based
- Internet Telephony:A Regulatory Update and Forecast
- Internet Telephony and the(Un)regulation of the Internet
- SIP and Other IETF Standards Update

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