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Public relations role in building corporate reputations management at merpati nusantara airlines

Pattipeiluhu, Christy; Albert Widjaja, supervisor ([Publisher not identified] , 2002)


Due to build a competitive market of airline industry, the government loose their
tight control in giving license to new companies entering into aviation business. Since
the government has opened new regulation on open-air market, new airlines companies
are mushrooming. This emerging of new airlines companies will definitely increase
competition between old players and the new ones.
New Airlines Company seems to be of highly efficient and effective, in running
their business. Moreover, they operate a slim organizational structure, and dare to
implement brave marketing strategy such as selling ticket fare under standard price. Old
players with bureaucratic structure of organization will be wobbly in entering the battle of
competition. To be surviving, old state-owned company should maintain its reputation in
the public opinion.
This study has the aim in order to analyze the stakeholders? opinion on Merpati
Nusantara Airlines corporate reputations, besides to propose the role of corporate Public
Relations in building good reputations at Merpati Nusantara Airlines.
Corporate Reputations is the reflection of an organization over time, as seen
through the eyes of its stakeholders. Image factors will express that a company is
uniquely developed with positive traits such as innovative, honesty, and competent
management. Public Relations is a division which has a duty to maintain a good
reputation in public opinion.
To get the public opinion about Merpati Nusantara current reputation, here the
present writer makes a research about public opinion through media analysis. The
company gave her all news being published during the year of 2000-2001, and the
present writer tries to make an analysis about the Public Relations role in building the
reputation in Merpati Nusantara Airlines.
Merpati Nusantara Airlines is famous to its inability to provide good services to
the passengers. Such a poor service in ticket handling by the front liners, especially in
East Indonesia the place where actually Merpati Nusantara has influential brand
awareness. Furthermore, the company delivers the greatest routes in lndonesia The
company?s greatest segment is business to communication business, with short haul
business characteristics, and about 62% passengers are the civil servant and official
The present writer makes several interviews to middle managements to see the
internal relations between divisions. The aim is to propose the role of Public Relations at
Merpati Nusantara Airlines. In those previous conversations, complaints occur from the
marketing division. As a market leader in new invention of preflight services like call and
fly, mir@ (buying ticket from the internet) these products do not reach the target market.
Hence financial distress caused these new services cannot be advertised regularly.
Human Resources of division emphasized about unsatisfied employee, strategic planning
division pointed out about employee lack awareness of planning program and the Public
Relations Division which on the perspective of the present writer has not played the
important role in building good reputation, especially in building good communication
with media which is an implementation of both external and media relations.
This thesis will show the importance of integrated marketing in inter divisions?
context. To realize it, the Public Relations Division has to play a good mie by getting
involved in every division. The aim is to get a better understanding about everything
happened in the company consequently the Public Relations Officers are able to use it
real function which is a gate keeper between internal and external stakeholders. The
Public Relations Officer can use the tools of values driven process, as a guide to
The other important thing is that the Public Relations Officer should also be
always aware of current public opinion about company?s reputation. The present writer
does a simple research about company?s news in the media. The media analyses tools
analyze the result, from the research it is seen that there is duration of length between
once the complaint was published and the time of answering it. Nevertheless the most
significant thing here is not only answering complaints but also integrated with Human
Resources Divisions in handling disobedient employees.

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