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Prevention diaries: the practice and pursuit of health for all

Larry Cohen (Oxford University Press, 2016)


How do trees help reduce violence? What do roads have to do with chronic disease? Prevention Diaries illuminates the unexpected (yet foreseeable) things that shape peoples health and provides the keys to realizing vitality and well-being in the United States. The author draws on thirty-plus years of experience to build the case for prioritizing health throughout society. From healthcare to business practices, urban development to agriculture, the book demonstrates that many of the illnesses and injuries that burden the United States are entirely preventable through common-sense solutions. Prevention Diaries provides effective alternatives to the United States reliance on a healthcare system that focuses on sickness and treatment and explains how health happens in communities and homes, not just at the doctors office. The US system is in crisis precisely because it systematically neglects prevention and wellness. This requires shifting the way society perceives and approaches health, exposing the overreliance on individual solutions rather than taking action to prevent disease and injury before they occur. Diaries shows why prevention is the solution. Telling individuals to be healthier wont succeed if they live and work in unsafe places that promote unhealthy products and behaviors. Working together to support community solutions that increase opportunities for health and safety-like safe access to parks and healthful housing-sets the foundation for a healthier country. Diaries makes it clear that as the United States works to ensure everyone can access medical services, it also must make health, not just healthcare, universally accessible and available.

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