Artikel Jurnal :: Kembali

Artikel Jurnal :: Kembali

Scheduling bacth processing machine problem whit non-identical job size via artifical immune system / Tsui-ping Chung, Heng Sun

Tsui-ping Chung; Heng Sun (Taylor and Francis, 2006)


This paper consider a single bacth processing machne problem, in this problem, jobs whit release time and size will be assigned into some batches and processed aiming to minimize makespan. give taht this problem in NP-hard, an immunoglobulin-based artifical immune system (IAIS) alogarithm is used to solve the problem . the proposed IAIS alogarithm has two meaningful featurs. first, the searching area is limited in the somatic recombination process in order to decrease the computitational time. second, serveral local search metods area mxed for use in each run to change neighbor and ascape from local optimum. comparisons with an alogarithm for the problem are shown to verify proposed IAIS. comparisons results have shown that the proposed IAIS alogarithm has a better performance than the existing alogarithm.


Jenis Koleksi : Artikel Jurnal
No. Panggil : 658 JIPE 35:3 (2018)
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Penerbitan : Francis: Taylor and Francis, 2006
Sumber Pengatalogan : LibUI eng rda
ISSN : 21681015
Majalah/Jurnal : Journal of industrial and production engineering
Volume : Vol. 35, No. 3, April 2018; 129-134
Tipe Konten : text
Tipe Media : unmediated
Tipe Carrier : volume
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Institusi Pemilik : Universitas Indonesia
Lokasi : Perpustakaan UI, Lantai 4, R. Koleksi Jurnal
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