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Artikel Jurnal :: Kembali

Biologi dan konservasi spesies beruaya (tinjauan khusus hiu paus: rhincodon typus) / Frensly D Hukom

Hukom, Frensly D.; (Pusat Penelitian Oseanografi - LIPI, 2016)


Whale Shark (Rhincodon typus) is one of the marine fishes that commonly make transnational migration. Whale sharks that were tagged in Australia were known to do a migration pattern crossing the state of East Timor and the Indonesia especially to the F [ores Sea. According to red list IUCN, a world conservation organisation, the whale shark is categorized as Vulnerable and put in Appendix II CITES. While in CMS (Conservation of Migratory Species), this species is classified in Appendix I (Reserved). Several countries in the world such as Australia, Honduras, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Mexico, Taiwan, the Maldives, southern Africa and Indonesia have determined the conservation status of these fish as fully protected. This paper describes some aspects of eco biology, utilization and management of these fish in several countries as well as the review on the conservation and management of whale sharks in Indonesia.


Jenis Koleksi: Artikel Jurnal
No. Panggil : 575 OSEANA 41:4 (2016)
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Penerbitan : Jakarta: Pusat Penelitian Oseanografi - LIPI, 2016
Sumber PengataloganLibUI ind rda
Majalah/JurnalOseana Majalah Ilmiah Semi Populer
VolumeVol. 41, No. 4, 2016: Hal. 72-90
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Akses Elektronik
Institusi Pemilik Universitas Indonesia
Lokasi Perpustakaan UI, Lantai 4, R. Koleksi Jurnal
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