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Artikel Jurnal :: Kembali

How to be a nationalist in the cosmopolitan era? a historical and scientific reflection

Reza A.A Wattimena (The Ary Suta Center, 2018)


Nationalism provides foundation for the love of one's nation. This feeling is based on the shared history and mutual purpose for the future, which stand on solidarity and feeling of unity in a certain group. However, nationalism can often be used as justification for national fanaticism that sacrifice the interests of other groups or other nations. A new interpretation of nationalism in the cosmopolitan era is needed, where interdependence between nations and groups become a concrete and factual reality, and at the same time, the consciousness that human as an integral part of universal order is increasing. This article is an effort to place nationalism in the cosmopolitan framework, which puts highest importance on struggle to create tolerance, solidarity and social equality.


No. Panggil : 330 ASCSM 41 (2018)
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Penerbitan : Jakarta: The Ary Suta Center, 2018
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Majalah/JurnalThe Ary Suta Center
VolumeVol. 41, April 2018: Hal. 11-26
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Institusi Pemilik Universitas Indonesia
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