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Proceedings of the 5th international conference on applications in nonlinear dynamics

Visarath In, Patrick Longhini, Antonio Palacios, editors (Springer Nature, 2019)


This book presents collaborative research presented by experts in the field of nonlinear science provides the reader with contemporary, cutting-edge, research works that bridge the gap between theory and device realizations of nonlinear phenomena. The conference provides a unique forum for applications of nonlinear systems while solving practical problems in science and engineering. Topics include: chaos gates, social networks, communication, sensors, lasers, molecular motors, biomedical anomalies, and stochastic resonance. This book provides a comprehensive report of the various research projects presented at the International Conference on Applications in Nonlinear Dynamics (ICAND 2018) held in Maui, Hawaii, 2018. It can be a valuable tool for scientists and engineering interested in connecting ideas and methods in nonlinear dynamics with actual design, fabrication and implementation of engineering applications or devices.

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