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China's new reforms: the role of the party: papers from "the party and the world dialogue 2014"

China Center for Contemporary World Studies, China Foundation for Peace and Development (Zhong yang bian yi chu ban she, 2015)


This book is an authology of The Party and the World Dialogue whose content is about the characteristics and generality of Chinas reform, public opinions and competiton without zero or game result, analying profoundly the backgroud of reform, decision-making and implementation, the new reform and the role and responsibilities of Chinese Communist Party. This book serves as a dialogues authology which truly records politicians and scholars discussion about Chinas reform and Chinese Communist Party in various perspectives, having profound practical meaning and theoretial studying value.

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Penerbitan : Beijing : Zhong yang bian yi chu ban she, 2015
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Deskripsi Fisik 402 pages : illustration
Tautan http://book.oversea.cnki.net/CCGBWEB/book/OnlineView/OB170601155?title=China%27s%20New%20Reforme%3Athe%20Role%20of%20the%20Party
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