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Joyce, derrida, lacan and the trauma of history: reading, narrative, and postcolonialism

Boheemen, Christine Van; (Cambridge University Press, 2009)


Christine van Boheemen examines the relationship between Joyce's postmodern textuality and the traumatic history of colonialism in Ireland. Joyce's influence on Lacanian psychoanalysis and Derrida's philosophy, Van Boheemen suggests, ought to be viewed from a postcolonial perspective. Joyce's writing bears witness to a history that remains unspeakable, functioning as a material location for the inner voice of Irish cultural memory. This book engages with a wide range of contemporary critical theory and brings Joyce's work into dialogue with thinkers such as Zizek, Adorno, Lyotard, as well as feminism and postcolonial theory.

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Penerbitan : Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2009
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Deskripsi Fisik ix, 227 pages : illustration;
Tautan https://www.cambridge.org/core/books/joyce-derrida-lacan-and-the-trauma-of-history/ABDF55182390731225E3806B5CD0E7D9
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