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Faktor-faktor risiko lingkungan yang berhubungan dengan kejadian penyakit TB Paru BTA(+) : Studi kasus kontrol di Kota Jambi tahun 2000-2001

Ahmad Dahlan; Umar Fahmi Achmadi, supervisor; Ririn Arminsih Wulandari, examiner; Dewi Susan, examiner (Universitas Indonesia, 2001)


Environmental factors in connection with the TB Lung BTA (+) (case control study) in the city of Jambi 2000-2001As a living place, house is one of key basic need of human beings. A live able and healthy house is very important for people; a healthy one should fulfill health requirements such as physiological need, contagious disease and accident prevention. A sufficient lighting is a vital need of human in a cleaning house. The contagion of tuberculosis disease has tight relation to ventilation and lighting in the house. A house which doesn't have enough ventilation, a lack of lighting gives the bacteria an opportunity to breed, if there is a patient of tuberculosis in it, so it eases the contagion to other people living in it.
TB Lungs Disease is still a problem of health; the generation of TB Lungs derives from contribution of some physical environment of house and respondents characteristics. Tuberculosis is a contagious disease that is generated by Mycobacterium tuberculosis germs; they usually enter the human body system via respiration to the lungs. The TB patients are much founded in unhealthy settlement, and lack of lighting and ventilation one that is under the health requirement. The objective of this research is to recognize the risk of contribution factors of physical environment of house and respondent characteristic toward TB Lungs patients in the city of Jambi.
The methods of research design the control case. The samples were taken proportionally from 7 (seven) referred microscopic public health center (puskesmas), with 50 cases and 100 controls. The data are analyzed to verify hypotheses with univariate, bivariate and multivariate analyses phase. Independent research variables for respondents characteristics; age, gender, length of living, nutrition grade, knowledge, and physical factors of house: ventilation, crowd of settlement, humidity, and lighting.
The result of research shows respondents in Referred Microscopic Public Health Center (PRM); Pakuan Baru 26 % and 19 % controls, Putri Ayu 22% cases and 20% controls, Simpang Kawat 22% cases and 11 % controls. While PRM ; Koni, Simpang IV Sipin, Tanjung Pinang, and Olak Kemang 30% and 59 % controls. The result of bivariate analyses show the length of living, nutrition grade, knowledge, ventilation, crowd of settlement, bedroom and living room lighting, that statistically have significant connection for the appearance of TB Lungs with Odd Ratio 2.7 value (p3.021), 2.6 (p:1.008), 3.9 (p=0.001), 4.6 (p=4.0000) 3.S(p=0.000). 3.3(p).001), and 2.3 (p=0.015). From the result of multivariate analyses it is proved that house ventilation is the most contributed variable that arranges room temperature quality for the appearance of TB Lungs, statistically it shows significant relation p < 0.05 with Odd Ration 8.8 (p=0.000).
It is suggested that a healthy house program should be promoted based on environment to perish TB Lungs. The renovation of TB Lungs patient, mostly, by building windows and glass made roof utilization and also performing intensive information spreading about tuberculoses disease knowledge through direct or indirect information sharing.

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