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Eskalasi Hubungan Percintaan Pasangan Homoseksual (Tahapan Pengembangan Komunikasi Antar Pribadi Gay Timur dan Barat)

Tobing, Easter Borny uliarta; Eduard Lukman, supervisor (Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik Universitas Indonesia, 2003)


The research is aimed at finding out the love relation between Indonesian homosexuals with their foreign couples in Yogyakarta. Besides, the research is also conducted to seek some information on how love penetration among them transferred. Finally it is also purposed to dig out some factors that trigger the love relation.
The research applied social penetration theory (Altman and Taylor, 1973). The theory is consisted of development phase's happened in homosexual's love relation, orientation to affective explorative, affective explorative to exchange of affective, exchange of affective to an already stable exchange of affective.
There are some obstacles faced by homosexual?s couple in orientation phase. One of them is that they have to confront the act of prejudice from Indonesia society toward them. Thus, the society in which they live can not tolerate and support the homosexual manner. It makes them difficult to get a long each other in a public.
Love relation among homosexual starts in affective explorative and affective phases. In these two phases homosexual couple starts to express their feeling by sharing some certain selective topics. They tried to focus on higher level on intimacy (Budyatna, 1993). They are resembled to heterosexual couple in this phase.
In subsequent phase, a stable exchange of affective, the couples concentrate on the openness of mind, supportive each other in loneliness and emptiness. The equal and positive feelings are followed by the highest level o intimacy. In this phase, homosexual couples decide to live together and share thee room apartment. Even, they decide to get married.
Self disclosure is the most difficult phase for homosexual couples. Telling other or proclaiming their identity are done in a secret and personal way. Self disclosure is the most crucial phase for homosexual couple to build a more intimate relation (Taylor and Peplau 1997).
Finally, the research is somehow a qualitative one in which the approach is focused on the individual back ground of homosexual by using symbolic interaction perspective. The data are descriptive, gathered from close observations and depth interviews.

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