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Effect Of Weekly Iron Supplementation And Deworming On The Hemoglobin Level Of Preschool Children In Bekasi District, West Java Province

Palupi, Laksmi; Endang Laksminingsih, supervisor; Schultink, J.W., supervisor ([Publisher not identified] , 1995)


The effect of weekly iron supplementation and deworming on the hemoglobin level was studied among 289 children aged 2 to 5 years in a randomized double-masked placebo controlled community trial. Subjects were allocated into 3 groups which respectively received iron supplements and deworming, iron supplements only and placebos.
Iron supplementation for 8 weeks using 30 mg elemental iron as ferrous sulphate syrup once per week, led to a significant reduction in the prevalence of anemia from 37.2%. to 16.2%. Using unsupervised distribution by mothers, hemoglobin concentration increased significantly in both groups which received iron (p<0.001) and also in the placebo group (p<0.05), but the changes in both treatment groups were significantly higher than the placebo group (p
No significant difference in hemoglobin changes was found between those who received additional deworming and those who received iron supplement only. Positive iron in stool were confirmed in 68.2% of the children who were reported received iron supplements (n=66). It is concluded that weekly iron supplementation is effective to reduce the prevalence of anemia among preschoolers.

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